There are very few people who look forward to visiting the dentist, especially if it is to undergo a procedure such as a tooth extraction.

While few people will look forward to having a tooth removed, here in Perth, tooth extraction Perth procedures are becoming more and more common with each passing week.

We may need teeth pulling for a number of different reasons, and while the thought of it is generally not very pleasant, the good news is that the procedure itself is very simple, especially if performed by professionals.

Our tooth extraction services are generally considered last resorts as our dentists here at Nedlands will do everything in their power to save your teeth. Sometimes however, extraction is the only option, which is why it pays to be informed.

Read on to learn more about how the procedure works.

What is a tooth extraction?

We’ll kick this guide off today by taking a more detailed look at precisely what a tooth extraction actually is.

If your teeth, or a tooth, is damaged, rotten, decayed, or cannot be repaired by other popular dental procedures, a tooth extraction may be the only option.

Sometimes known as ‘pulling a tooth’ a tooth extraction is basically the removal of a tooth from a patient’s mouth.

What are the reasons for a tooth extraction?

Tooth extractions are actually very common dental procedures and in truth they’re actually very simple procedures for dentists to carry out.

People may need their teeth removing for a whole host of different reasons, including the following:

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is something that nobody ever wants to experience, yet sadly for various reasons, they do so.

A build-up of plaque and tartar, combined with poor dietary choices and poor oral hygiene can cause the build up of deposits which eat away at the protective enamel coating on the exterior of the teeth. This causes them to become weak, brittle, and susceptible to damage and infection.

Once a tooth becomes infected or decayed beyond repair, extraction is the only option as it is, for all intents and purposes, completely dead.

Impacted teeth

Another reason why you may need to seek out our tooth extraction Perth services is due to tooth impaction.

Impaction is a condition whereby one tooth growing and developing pushes up against another tooth growing and developing next to it. This can damage the other tooth and put it at risk of infection.

Impacted teeth can cause extreme pain and discomfort and sometimes the only option is to remove the impacted tooth causing all the problems.

Teeth damaged by trauma

It isn’t just poor oral hygiene or impacted teeth that can result in the need for a tooth to be extracted. Another common reason for a tooth extraction is damage to the teeth caused by trauma.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve tripped over and broken a tooth, have been in a fight, have sustained it when playing sports or physical activity, or any other type of accident, if your tooth has been damaged by physical trauma, the damage may be so severe that extraction is the only option.

Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease, better known as ‘gum disease’ is a condition whereby the gums become swollen, inflamed, and tender, and overtime they can even recede.

Caused by a build-up of bacteria from plaque and tartar, sometimes the condition is so severe that it can affect the integrity of the bone and gums surrounding the teeth, putting others at risk. When this occurs, the tooth, or teeth, causing all of these problems need removing before the condition gets any worse.


Overcrowding is another scenario in which tooth extraction may be required.

If there are too many teeth growing in and around a certain area, not only can this cause tooth impaction, it may also cause overcrowding. This can cause pain and discomfort and can prevent other teeth from growing and developing properly.

In this instance, removing a tooth will free up some room and allow other teeth in the area to grow properly.

Wisdom tooth extractions Perth

If you are experiencing jaw pain, recurrent sore throats, foul breath, or bleeding gums around your rear teeth, it's very likely that your wisdom teeth are to blame.

In most circumstances, wisdom teeth will not be able to erupt due to a lack of room. This has the potential to produce a variety of problems. Cleaning and brushing partially erupted wisdom teeth can be difficult. As food and germs accumulate between the wisdom teeth and surrounding molars, dental decay and gum infection develop.

Upper wisdom teeth can grow sideways which can irritate the inside of your mouth. Ulceration and pain are common side effects of wisdom teeth.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it's likely you will need to have your wisdom tooth extracted.

How is a tooth extraction in Perth performed?

If you’re curious about our tooth extraction Perth procedures, extracting a tooth is actually very simple for our experienced dentists.

A simple extraction requires the tooth to be loosened by a tool known as an elevator. Next, once the instrument has loosened the tooth sufficiently, the dentist will simply grip the tooth with some forceps, and out it comes.

A surgical extraction is performed if the tooth has broke at the gumline or is impacted. Here, the dentist will numb the affected area, make an incision in the gumline, and carefully remove the tooth that way.

What to expect with a tooth extraction?

With a tooth extraction, the pain is minimal and in fact the worst of the pain will be the needle used to administer the anaesthetic, and that itself is only minimal.

You may experience some tenderness and numbness after the tooth has been removed, but that will subside over the next few days.

How long until I can eat after a tooth extraction?

Of course, we all need to eat, and if you’re due a tooth extraction you’ll probably be wondering how long until you get to eat after the tooth has been pulled.

You can of course eat on the same day, but dentists recommend that you stick with soft foods and ideally soups or purees if you can for three days.

After three days, you can go back to regular foods, though you should avoid spicy foods, sticky foods, crunchy foods, and hard foods. You should also try your hardest to eat on the opposite side of your mouth, and really take your time when chewing.

How much does a tooth extraction Perth cost?

Prices of course vary, but to give you a rough idea on the cost, you can expect to pay between $130 and $200 per tooth, assuming the extraction is a simple procedure.

For a more invasive and more complex tooth extraction, such as a surgical extraction, the price will be a little higher and you can expect to pay, on average, between $295 and $400 per tooth.

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If you have a tooth that is driving you crazy and you think it has to come out, call the friendly team at Nedlands Dental on 6389 2711 or contact us online to book an appointment today.

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If you have a tooth that is driving you crazy and you think it has to come out, call the friendly team at Nedlands Dental on 6389 2711 or contact us online to book an appointment today.

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