Restorative dentistry is simply the art of restoring the areas of tooth that have been lost due to reasons such as decay or a fracture. Dental fillings are the most common treatment in filling cavities as they are quick and cost-effective. 

At Nedlands Dental we can offer you all the different filling material options and will ensure your experience is a comfortable one. The most common filling material is called composite (white filling) due to its colour matching the colour of natural teeth. The choice of filling material is determined by a number of factors including the location of the filling in the mouth and also by the ability of the patient to maintain adequate care of that filling.

Contact Nedlands Dental Perth to book your dental treatment. We will always provide you with a quote if any treatment is required.

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Dental implants

Dental implants are a way of replacing missing teeth with something that looks and functions similar to natural teeth, without adversely affecting the adjacent teeth.

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Preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry is all about caring for your teeth to keep them healthy and minimise the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, tooth wear and much more.

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Periodontal dental treatment Perth

Periodontitis, or gum disease as it is more commonly known, is a fairly common disease in patients that often goes unnoticed as frequently there will be no symptoms.

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