Teeth and Gum maintenance

Nedlands Dental will help you maintain your natural teeth for life! Our following maintenance steps will help you achieve healthy teeth and gums;

  • Continuing care visits reminders by email, SMS or phone
    We recommend visiting us on a six monthly basis for a routine oral examination and clean. In between these appointment times, if you do experience any oral pain or discomfort; please make an appointment as soon as possible.
  • Caries (Cavities), restorative and periodontal re-evaluation, TMJ and oral cancer screening
    We have many dental procedures dedicated to resolving your oral condition. We cater for all of your dental needs and are motivated to help you maintain your natural teeth for life.
  • Cleaning and polishing
    During your appointment, your teeth will be polished and cleaned. This process removes any plaque built up on teeth and will make your teeth feel sparkling clean.
  • Reinforce oral hygiene and instruction
    It is essential to brush your teeth twice daily (morning and night) and floss at least once each day. Good oral hygiene techniques are essential for your oral well-being and even the rest of your body. Inadequate oral health can have a detrimental impact on your general health and should not be overlooked.
  • Re-x-ray areas on ‘watch’ to evaluate if decay is stable or progressing
    During your routine check-ups, our dedicated dental team will take note of any areas to watch and will investigate as to whether decay is stable or progressing. Through the utilisation of our Digital X-ray machines, results will be provided immediately.

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