Missing teeth replacement

Replace missing teeth

At Nedlands Dental we understand that the loss of a tooth, for whatever reason, can have a significant affect on a patient both physically and psychologically. We will work with you to re-establish the aesthetic and functional nature of your smile. Possible solutions to the loss of a tooth, include;

  • Dental Implants – new titanium roots covered with ceramic crowns looks and feels like your own tooth / teeth

    The loss of a tooth can severely affect our eating habits, self-confidence and facial appearance. Dental Implants enable you to recover the natural functioning of your teeth and your beautiful smile. Dental Implants are designed to replace the root portion of the missing tooth.

  • Bridges computer designed, machined replacements

    A Bridge is essentially a fake tooth which is utilised to cover the place a tooth has been lost from the dental arch. Two crowns are then placed on either side of the Bridge, increasing the stability and providing extra support. Bridges may help to prevent Periodontal Disease, improve speech and correct bite. By implementing Bridge work shortly after tooth loss has occurred, it may prevent other teeth from moving out of position.

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